To whom it may concern italiano

To whom it may concern italiano

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The economic and financial crisis that has hit the world’s industrialized countries since 2008 has not spared Portugal either. But the new fiscal policies put in place in recent years by the country’s government have had the effect of giving a breath of fresh air to the Portuguese economy, so much so that they have attracted a substantial number of young people and adults looking for a professional breakthrough.

There are many and varied job offers for Italians in Portugal. Prominent among them is the search for Italian personnel for the job position of customer care in call centers, to provide Italian-language assistance to customers of a particular company.

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we were pleased to note the interest and appreciation for the initiatives launched to facilitate access to the passport service for certain categories of people (pregnant women, over 70, children under 12).

In case of proven emergency, please contact the emergency number on the home page.Read more POLITICAL ELECTIONS 2022 – NEXT DEADLINES AND NOTICE TO NATIONALS25/08/2022Please be advised that election packets will be sent to Italian voters registered with AIRE or temporarily residing abroad in the first week of September.

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As of Sunday, September 11, those who have not received the envelope at home or have received it incomplete may request a duplicate…Read moreMESSAGE OF GREETING FROM CONSULLE GENERAL IN LONDON DOMENICO BELLANTONE ON THE OCCASION OF THE BEGINNING OF HIS MANDATE23/08/2022Care and dear compatriots,

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In pointing out that the matter of citizenship falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior, an outline of the current regulations is provided below with particular reference to the procedures that can be activated at the Consular Offices of this Ministry.

As of August 16, 1992 (when Law No. 91/92 came into effect), the acquisition of foreign citizenship does not result in the loss of Italian citizenship unless the Italian citizen formally renounces it (Art. 11 Law No. 91/92), except as provided for in international agreements.

Currently, individuals residing abroad must apply for the acquisition of Italian citizenship electronically according to the new procedure established by the competent Ministry of the Interior.

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According to Article 14 of Law No. 91/92, “The minor children of a person who acquires or reacquires Italian citizenship, if they live with him or her, acquire Italian citizenship, but, having come of age, may renounce it if they hold another citizenship.”

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Relations between the two countries were established during the period of the Roman Empire. However, in World War II, relations were strained when Italy invaded Egypt. However, after the war, relations were restored and are cordial. Egypt has representations in Rome and Milan, while Italy has representations in Cairo and Alexandria; the two nations are also members of the Union for the Mediterranean.

Under long-standing bilateral agreements stemming from NATO membership, Italy hosts significant U.S. military forces in Vicenza and Livorno (Army); Aviano (Air Force); and Sigonella, Gaeta and Naples-the home port of the U.S. Navy’s Sixth Fleet. The United States still has about 16,000 military personnel stationed in Italy. The NATO War College is located in Cecchignola, a neighborhood in Rome.

In addition, investigations continue into the killing of Italian military intelligence officer Nicola Calipari by U.S. troops during the liberation of Giuliana Sgrena and the kidnapping and torture of suspected terrorist Abu Omar by CIA agents.[without source]

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